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How to use Theater Mode on Apple Watch – Complete Guide

Have you encountered this new feature on your Apple Watch? Are you looking forward to get to know about this amazing feature?

Then this tutorial is for you!

I am writing a guide to let you guys know how to use Theater Mode on Apple Watch.

This is really an amazing feature which let you enjoy your movies without unnecessary alerts where your wrist keep on vibrating because of some sort of messages replies and all. So to turn it off and enjoy your movies without getting notified about such errors you need to enable Theater Mode on your Apple Watch.

Now to know more about it lets get to the content below;

How to Use Theater Mode on Apple Watch

So here I start reviewing Theater Mode on your Apple Watch. Now without taking your time let me take about each and every feature with it one by one.

Enable Theater Mode on Apple Watch

First lets learn to enable Apple Watch on your Apple Watch. So lets see how it is done.

  • One the face of your Apple Watch, Swipe up from the bottom to get to the Control center of your Watch
  • Now scroll to the bottom and tap on Theater Mode button which is two theater mask button

  • After that, tap on Orange Theater Mode button
  • Ones it is confirmed which means the Theater Mode is on. The two mask icon on the face of your Watch shall be indicating the Theater Mode On signal.
  • Note: Repeat the same steps to disable it!

Minimize Light in Theater Mode on Apple Watch

Now lets lean about minimizing light in Theater Mode on your Apple Watch. It will prevent your Apple watch from unintentionally lightning up. So let’s get to the steps;

  • Press Firmly to edit your Apple Watch
  • Now swipe to the right
  • Then you need to tap on New Watch Face button – a plus button
  • Turn the Digital Crown button in order to scroll to Modular watch face

  • Now you need to tap to select it
  • Then again you need to press firmly the Modular face to enter edit mode
  • Now tap on Customize
  • Then turn the Digital Crown to change the Watch face to red.
  • Afterwards, Swipe left to pick up your complication
  • Now tap on each complication and twist Digital Crown up until the complication is set off.
  • After that press Digital Crown to exit Edit Mode
  • This was it!


This was my complete guide on Apple Watch Theater Mode. I am sure you guys must have found this article helpful and worth reading. If you have any queries to ask then feel free to contact us as any of our team members will get back to your queries shortly.

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