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Best Wireless Router

Best Wireless Router

Best wireless Routers to Purchase for Seamless Internet Connectivity

If you are thinking about buying a router then there are only two options to choose from. One is wired routers and the other one is wireless routers. So, which one is the best wifi router in 2022 ? Over the past few years the sale and popularity of wireless routers has increased. In the modern day people across the world prefer wireless routers. The reason behind this rise in popularity is simple as the wired connections can easily be avoided with the help of a wireless router. A wireless router remains connected to a modem with the help of a cable. So the transmission of data becomes easy. In-built antennas also help in the internet connectivity. In this article we are going to make a list of some of the best wireless wifi routers that you can buy for your home or office to match your needs.

TP-Link AC1200 Gigabit Wifi Router


This black colored wifi router comes with a total of 4 antennas to provide you with great internet connectivity. Internet will be provided in a long range due to the presence of dual band and that is what makes it the best wifi router for long range. The model name of this product from TP-Link is Archer A6 V3. Connectivity technology that is used in this wireless router is highly secure due to the presence of more than one security protocol. Along with all these the data transfer rate is really high per second which makes it one of the best wifi routers for home.

  • Special Features

Endless Entertainment with the Dual Band: Due to the presence of 802.11ac WiFi technology this model of WiFi provides a lightning fast network that you can rely on no matter for which purpose you are using the internet for. The Dual band will change the internet speed automatically as per your requirements. During online gaming and video streaming in high quality the 5GHz band will provide 867 Mbps data and when you will browse the internet you can expect to get 300 Mbps data.

Coverage Across the Building: On the outer surface of the wireless router four antennas are present and the powerful set of chips that is present inside of the router send the signal coming out of the wifi to every single place in the building. After installation of this router you can enjoy smooth connectivity in every single corner of the house or office.

Multiple Devices Can be Connected at Once: MU-MIMO technology which is present in this wifi router provides internet to multiple devices at once without any kind of delay. So, every single device under a roof will receive data more efficiently.

Faster Gigabit Connectivity

The speed that you will get from a standard Ethernet connectivity can be increased up to 10 times due to the presence of WAN and LAN ports. If you want to make your connection more secure and reliable just connect one of your preferred wired devices with this wireless wifi router.

HIghly Secure Internet Connection

The data that will be shared will be end-to-end encrypted and you can make sure that no one except the people that you want to use the wifi cannot use the data with the help of a password. WPA3 also provides enhanced protection to your home or office wifi.

  • Pros

  1. You will get a lag free online gaming experience and can watch movies without any kind of buffering as 5GHz band is present in this router.
  2. Presence of Beamforming technology that increases the signal strength towards a device.
  3. With this wifi router you will not face any issue with bandwidth congestion.
  4. The wifi router consists of one gigabit WAN port and four gigabit LAN ports.
  5. You can easily set up the wifi router with the help of the Tether application in your Android or iOS device.
  • Cons

  1. You will not be able to view the implementation.
  2. The SSID will be unknown to the user and this can raise security issues as the password is only known by the manufacturer of the wireless router.

NETGEAR Nighthawk Smart Wi-Fi Router


This Smart wifi router model from Netgear is named ‘Nightwalk’. The data will be highly secured and more than one port is present in this wireless router. You can control the router easily with your own voice as this model works really well with smart devices such as Amazon Alexa. So, you might be wondering what makes it the best router 2022, well the answer is simple. This is the best router in the market due to the presence of dual band and highly secure internet connection.

  • Special Features

Seamless Streaming on Multiple Devices: You can connect up to 25 devices at once. As two high width bands are present in this wireless router, you will receive maximum speed no matter what you are doing in your device. Along with a maximum speed of 1750 mbps data speed as an user you will experience very less amount of interference. You can perform several activities such as high quality video streaming and online gaming.

Presence of External Antennas: 3 antennas are present on the external surface of this wireless router. These antennas provide high speed internet connections. This feature is also enhanced due to the presence of 4 gigabit ports. In these ports you can connect your computer, game box and any other devices. Other than that in any one of the USB ports you can connect a storage device such as a pen drive or can also connect a printer for the respective usage of these devices.

Easy Setup

You can complete the whole set up of this wifi router within 5 minutes. All you need to do is install the Nightwalk application from the App store or Play store depending on the device that you are going to use to control the wifi router. Thereafter connect the wireless router with the internet and then you need to go through a few other simple steps. Finally you will be ready to use the wifi router to connect multiple devices with it.

Highly Secured Network

Bitdefender is the best cybersecurity software in the whole world. Like all the wireless routers from Netgear this router is also powered by Bitdefender which will protect the router from any kind of malware.

Parental Control

When you install the wireless router in your home it is obvious that your children will also use the internet connection. But as a parent with the help of the Circle application you can manage the screen time and will also be able to set a data usage limit. Finally you can also manage the contents that your child can access with the help of the internet.

  • Pros

  1. This model of wireless router is designed with a 1GHz dual core processor.
  2. You can create a personal cloud easily with the help of this wireless router and you can access this cloud from anywhere using the USB port present in this router.
  3. With the help of WPA2 wireless security protocols you can safely use DOS, Firewall and VPN.
  4. Advanced technologies such as amplified antennas, dynamic Qos, beamforming plugs and a lot of other features are present in the wireless router.
  5. You can play games without any kind of lagging and can also stream videos without any kind of buffering.
  • Cons

  1. Some users find it difficult to connect the devices with the wireless router.
  2. Customer service is not that great.

Asus AX1800 WiFi 6 Router


This dual band wireless router from Asus offers high internet speed that will help you in both gaming and streaming purposes. You should buy this best wireless router for home as the secure internet connection is guaranteed for lifetime. The aesthetic design of this wifi router also makes it ideal for modern households where the router does not look like a box. Range of this wireless router can also be extended with 6AX1800 AiMesh technology. You can control the activity of the router made by Asus with the help of an application that will be present in your home.

  • Special Features

Match All the Latest Wifi Standards: This wireless router matches all the latest wifi standards. Wifi 6 technology which is powered by 802.11AX along with 80MHz bandwidth will help you to connect the wifi router with multiple devices.

High Internet Speed: 80MHz bandwidth is supported really well with the RT-AX55 technology. The total networking speed of this wireless router is more or less 1800 Mbps. As two bands are present in this wireless router, the 2.4 GHz band offers a maximum speed of 574 Mbps and a maximum speed of 1201 Mbps is offered by the 5GHz band.

Highly Efficient: To maintain the communication among several devices simultaneously by allocating several channels the wireless router supports MU-MIMO along with the OFDMA technique.

Protected Network: The internet connectivity that will be provided by the wireless wifi router will be completely secure due to the presence of Trend Micro technology. This technology blocks every possible security threat present on the internet. All your devices that will be connected with the router will also remain safe.

Mesh System: This wireless router works best with the Asus AiMesh Wifi system that guarantees smooth coverage throughout the building in which the wireless router is installed.

  • Pros

  1. NitroQAM technology is present in this router which will enable 25% data rate over the older standards.
  2. A total voltage of 100240 will be provided by this wireless router from Asus which can be controlled by Vera.
  3. You can control the router from anywhere with a downloaded application in your tablet or smartphone.
  4.  As a parent with the help of the Circle application you can manage the screen time and will also be able to set a data usage limit. Finally you can also manage the contents that your child can access with the help of the internet.
  5. The customer service is really great and in case you face any issue with the router it will be solved within a set time period.
  • Cons

  1. The internet port is present in the bottom surface of this wireless router which makes it difficult to plug in any kind of device.
  2. The firmware is not up to the mark.

Linksys WRT3200ACM Dual Band Open Source Router


This open source router from Linksys has dual band in it that helps in providing fast wireless internet connectivity. The router which is black and blue in colour looks something out of this world. Almost every single operating system works seamlessly with this wireless router. High data transfer rate makes this product the best buy router in the year 2022.

  • Special Features

Presence of Enterprise Grade Processor: Inside the wireless router an enterprise grade dual core processor is present which guarantees the minimal latency even in the heaviest internet traffic. So, you will not face any issues with lagging.

High Combined Speed: This model of wireless router from Linksys has dual wifi bands which offer a combined speed of 3.2 Gbps. The bandwidths are 2.4GHz and 5 GHz. 600 Mbps data speed will be given by the 2.4GHz band and this speed is enough to run older models of wireless N and G devices. Comparatively higher speed of 2.6 Gbps is offered by the 5 GHz band which is ideal to play online games and to stream videos in higher picture quality.

Easy Wired Connectivity: Presence of USB 3.0 port will help the user to connect any kind of storage device which makes data transfer easy. You will get 10 times faster speed compared to a USB 2.0 port.

Unleashing the True Potential of the Wireless Router: Any user can modify the router as per their needs. This can easily be done with the help of open source distributions such as OpenWrt and DD-WRT. You can set up a completely secured VPN network and by doing so you will also be able to make a web server by using your router. Hotspots can also be created easily and all of them are going to be highly manageable. Along with all these advanced features you will also be able to detect any kind of network intrusion.

Easy Control: All the special features such as parental control, guest wifi network and others can be controlled with your mobile phone. You will also get real time information about the data usage on the application that you need to download in your device to control the wireless router.

  • Pros

  1. You can use this wireless router with an existing modem and you will get uninterrupted internet coverage.
  2. When you will not be able to oversee your children at home you can ensure that they are having a safe internet experience with the parental controls feature present in the wireless router.
  3. When multiple devices will be connected to the wifi router, you as an user can prioritize any one of the devices in which you require the highest internet speed to prevent any kind of lagging.
  4. Whenever guests come to your house, you can create a completely separate network for them. After the creation of the network all you need to do is share the password via text message or email with the guests.
  5. Bandwidth gets doubled due to the presence of Tri-Stream 160 technology.
  • Cons

  1. After using it for sometime you might face difficulties while connecting new wireless connections as Ethernet works during this time.
  2. In case you need to reboot the device the rebooting process takes a lot of time.

ASUS ROG Rapture WiFi 6 Gaming Router


If you are looking for the best wifi router for gaming then your search might end her with this gaming router from Asus. 3 bands are present inside of the wifi router. You will get the guarantee of a safe and secure connection for lifetime. The wireless router will also accept voice commands from smart devices such as Amazon Alexa. Top class frequency bands, three types of connectivity technology and high data transfer rate makes this wifi router ideal for online gaming.

  • Special Features

Triple Level Game Acceleration: To offer you a better gaming experience, three level game acceleration is provided by the wireless router which eventually reduces any kind of latency in an online game. This wifi router works best with Asus ROG devices and is capable of optimizing the ROG devices. Any gaming packet will be prioritized while distributing the internet connectivity. To offer you the ebay possible online gaming experience boost will be given. Other than that you can also create a private gaming network.

Clean Gaming Band: The 5GHz band is present in this wireless router only for gaming. So, when you will play online games there is no need to compete with other devices using the internet connectivity from the router on your home network. A maximum of 15 channels can be created with the dynamic frequency selection (DFS) technology in the 5GHz band. \

Easy Steps for Port Forwarding: Forget those days when you need to follow a complicated process for port forwarding. You can easily team up with your friends in online games by following three simple steps. All you need to do is select the game and the device in which you want to play the game. Finally activate and you will be all set to play that game without any kind of internet connectivity issue.

An Wi-Fi System for Everything: With the in-built AiMesh technology you will get internet connectivity in every corner of your house. You can roam anywhere inside of your house without the fear that your internment will get disconnected as seamless internet connection is guaranteed.

Manage Your Network With One Click: With easy point and click control you can easily access every single feature of this wireless router.

  • Pros

  1. A total of 15 USB ports are present in this wireless router. So, you can connect multiple devices at once.
  2. The wireless router is equipped with cutting edge technologies such as 1.8 GHz Quad core processor and 2.5 G gaming port.
  3. Operating frequencies are altered in three bandwidths. They are – 2.4 GHz, 5GHz 1 and 5 GHz 2.
  4. This router has 256 MB flash memory and 1 GB RAM.
  5. Usage can be prioritized with open and advanced monitoring.
  • Cons

  1. ‘Manually Set DNS’ button present on this wireless router does not work properly.
  2. While saving any kind of changes, refresh will become slow on the GUI.

Final Words

Hope after reading this article you have gained an idea about wireless routers and now you will be able to choose the best router for your home without any kind of hassle. There are few things that you need to consider before buying a wireless router. You need to consider factors such as Wifi coverage, performance, security, controls and others. The above list is made after thorough research and you can count on any one of the above mentioned products as the performance is guaranteed. So, buy one wireless router for your home today and start streaming high quality videos without any kind of buffering and you can also play online games without latency.

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