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Best Gaming Mouse ( Mice )

Best Gaming Mice ( Mouse )

Best Gaming Mice to Elevate Your Gaming Experience

If you’re starting your journey as a gamer or a gamer for a long time there is a high need for a gaming mouse so that you can play almost every single game smoothly without any kind of lag. You might be spending hours in front of your PC or laptop so it is better to use products made from high quality materials which are also durable. You might be wondering what are the best gaming mice available in the market, well you need not to worry about this any more. To save yourself from the daunting task of selecting which is the best PC mouse or best mouse for your laptop we have made a list of some of the best gaming mice that gamers across the world are using and happy with the experience. So, without any further delay let’s get straight into it.

SteelSeries Rival 3 Gaming Mouse

With a total of 6 buttons this gaming mouse is one of the best wireless gaming mouse available in the market. Each and every movement will be detected with accuracy with the optical movement detection technology present in the mouse. The sleek design of the mouse will also ensure that you get the aesthetic pleasure that you need from your gaming setup.

Special Features

  • Ergonomic Designing

As we have mentioned earlier, the gaming mouse is made by using highly durable yet lightweight materials. The ergonomic shape of the product makes sure that you can play effortlessly for several hours.

  • Memory 

Now storing information becomes easier. With the presence of on board memory you can now save polling rate and keybinds. There are a total of 5 CPIs that are connected with the mouse directly.

  • Core Optical Gaming Sensor

The one thing that makes this gaming mouse stand out from the others is the presence of Core optical gaming sensor which will track every single move that you will make. Along with that 8500 CPI, 300 IPS and 35gm acceleration makes this a must have.

  • Prism Lighting

The lighting system has been redesigned completely to provide a total of 3 zones of lighting. 16.8 million crisp colours will come out from the body of the mouse which looks beautiful in darkness.


  • Made by using highly durable polymer material to stand the test of time.
  • Weighing only 77 gms without the cable attached with it makes it one of the lightest mice that will enhance your smooth gaming experience.
  • Presence of buttons on the side.
  • Prism Lighting which illuminates your gaming table with multiple colours.
  • A total of 60 million click switches are there in this gaming mouse.


  • Absence of any hardware acceleration.
  • Sometimes you might face click issues if used too heavily.

Glorious Model O Gaming Mouse

This gaming mouse comes in four different colours and is compatible with almost any gaming device. With easy connectivity and some exclusive features make this product great. The soft colour and matte finishing increase the aesthetic appeal of the product and it will look great with almost every gaming setup.

Special Features

  • Honeycomb Shell

This gaming mouse design is a conglomeration of both protection and aestheticism. Honeycomb shell design makes it highly durable and also it does not add a lot of extra weight to the product. Your palms will remain cool due to the ventilation provided by the honeycomb shell.

  • Smooth Gliding on the Surface

Without adding any kind of 3rd party products with this gaming mouse you can use it smoothly. The mouse will glide on the surface due to the rounded edges of the mouse. This product from Glorious has a thickness of 0.81 mm so that you will be able to move it with ease no matter which game you are playing.

  • Flexible Cable

The USB cable is braided and light and it is quite long so that you need not to drag it.

  • Customisable Buttons

A total of 6 buttons which offer macro support can be customised according to your need. The buttons also illuminate different colours from the surface.

  • Presence of DPI Indicator

The DPI indicator can be set at any value and with the help of the required software you can choose the colour of the product.


  • The product weighs only 2.4 ounces. As the product is lightweight you can move the product easily on the surface without any difficulties.
  • In case of any defect the product will be replaced within 6 months and the product also comes with a 2 years warranty. Free service will be provided within this time period.
  • The design of the product will make it easy to use and prevent it from any kind of damage.
  • The Pixart 3360 sensor of the mouse will help you while gaming as it will prevent any kind of lag.
  • All the buttons on the mouse offer macro support. This makes it the best gaming mouse to play all sorts of games.


  • The price of the product is high compared to the other gaming mice.
  • The material of the USB cable is not as durable as seen in the other products.

Razer DeathAdder Essential Gaming Mouse

This product comes in two different colours one is black and the other one is white. Razer is the best selling gaming mouse company in the United States of America. The product is highly durable and offers maximum accuracy. You can count on this gaming mouse and the price of it is also reasonable which makes it the best gaming mouse under $50.

Special Features

  • Works with Alexa

If you are looking for a gaming mouse which will work with voice control, then this gaming mouse from Razer can fulfil your wish. This gaming mouse will accept voice commands from Alexa and can work according to that.

  • Reprogrammable Buttons

A total of 5 buttons are present in this gaming mouse and all of them are reprogrammable due to the high end razer synapse technology. You can now change the function of each of the single buttons according to the game that you are playing on your laptop or PC.

  • Rubberized Scroll Bar

The scroll bar present on the wheel offers precision and you can accurately move the cursor of yours with a sleek move of your scroll bar. The tactile bumps are small which eventually leads to smooth scrolling even in the intense gaming situations.

  • Precise Sensors

Due to the presence of a 6400 DPI optical sensor this mouse can be used for gaming and as well as for any kind of creative work. No matter how you are using it, you will get a smooth performance. With high fly sensitivity, it becomes easy to control the mouse.

  • Durable Buttons

As we have mentioned earlier there are a total of 5 buttons present in this gaming mouse and all of them are made by using highly durable materials. This allows you to use this gaming mouse from Razer for a long period of time. It is guaranteed that the mouse will offer up to 10 million clicks.


  • The product comes with a 2 years warranty.
  • Weighs only 4.4 ounces which makes it easy to move while gaming.
  • The optical sensor helps you to move the mouse more swiftly.
  • Design of the product and the logo on the upper side of the product increases the aesthetic appeal of this gaming mouse.
  • With high end technology the scrolling with this mouse is easier in comparison to the other gaming mice.


  • Battery drains out at a rapid pace that means you need to charge the battery more often.
  • The buttons are too sensitive, if you are a beginner then you might find it difficult to control this gaming mouse.

Logitech G600 MMO Gaming Mouse

This gaming mouse from Logitech is fully black in colour and a large number of buttons are present on the mouse and the number of them are indicated. The product also offers a high range of connectivity and you can play the game comfortably while sitting at a distance.

Special Features

  • MMO Tuned Buttons

If you are thinking about what makes it best gaming mouse 2022 then this single feature will give you an idea what makes it stand out from other products available in the market. With three primary buttons on the upper surface of the mouse a total of 12 thumb buttons are present on this mouse. The scroll wheel is also clickable. Moreover DPI and profile can also be switched.

  • Adjustable Backlight Colour

The backlight colour of the key panels can be customised. According to the profile mode and the style of the game you can choose the colour of the key panel from a total of 16 million colours. So optimize your setup according to your needs.

  • G Shift Button

Each and every button present on the mouse can perform dual actions. With a single press of the G-shift button you can make a button perform more than one action. You can set up 5 DPI levels and can switch among them.

  • Comfortable Shape

The tuning of the button is done with perfection to save you from the fatigue while clicking. The design is made ergonomically to support your palm for hours.

  • Laser Tracking

Due to the presence of highly precise laser tracking up to 8200 dpi you will have a great gaming experience.


  • No driver is required for the functioning of the mouse. You can straight away use it after taking it out of the box.
  • Up to 20 million clicks are guaranteed no matter how heavily you are going to use the product.
  • The braided USB cable will last long as it will not get damaged while charging it.
  • A total of 3 memory profiles are present in this gaming mouse.
  • The USB will report within 1 millisecond so there will be no lag in the execution in the action.


  • Some users report that they have faced compatibility issues while using the gaming mouse.
  • Customer support is not that great in case you face any issues with the gaming mouse.

Bengoo Gaming Mouse Weird

If you have a larger than usual palm then this is the best gaming mouse for big hands. The design of this product will make it look good with any of the gaming setup due to the colourful lights coming out of it. The optical movement detection technology will help you to move the mouse easily no matter which game you are playing.

Special Features

  • Buttons with Higher Speed

This gaming mouse from Bengoo has a total of 4 adjustable DPI switches. The ranges are 1200, 1600, 2400 and 3600. The speed can be controlled with ease and at your will.

  • Changeable Functions of the Buttons

Each and every button has a different function. These buttons are Left Button, right Button, Forward Button, Back Button, DPI button and last but not the least Scroll Wheel. The buttons work smoothly no matter which game you are playing on your PC or laptop. You can switch to a faster DPI speed whenever you need. The function of all the buttons can be changed according to the need of the game.

  • Multiple Bright Colours

Nowadays whenever we buy a product we look for aesthetic pleasure. If you are looking for a fancy gaming experience then your setup needs to look cool. The bright colourful lights that will be coming out of your laptop will highlight the surroundings of your gaming setup.

  • Design of the Product 

Designing plays a pivotal role in the performance of any product. The ergonomic design of this gaming mouse will make you feel comfortable when you use it. You can easily grab it in your palm. Other than that the making material will not cause any kind of irritation on your palm. So, overall you can expect to have a highly comfortable gaming experience.

  • Highly Compatible

You will not face any kind of connectivity issue with this gaming mouse. This gadget supports both computer and laptop and every single version of Windows.


  • There is no need to connect the gaming mouse with any of the driver plugs. You can play with it directly.
  • The cables attached with the gaming mouse are braided and come with an anti inference ring. So, they will not tear easily and will last longer than normal cables.
  • The wire attached with the gaming mouse is 150 cm long, which makes it easy to move if you are playing a game where you need to move your mouse from one place to another.
  • You need not to install any kind of additional software to use the mouse. All you need to do is plug in and play.
  • Once you connect the mouse, cool RGB light will automatically come out and the colour will keep on changing automatically.


  • Settings of the gaming mouse are difficult to understand.
  • Some users also complain that the light brightness gets dimmed after a few months of usage.

Final Words

Price of the product does not determine the quality. If you have a fixed budget then you can also find some of the best cheap gaming mice both online and offline. Decide for what you need the gaming mouse for and buy one that matches your requirements. The list mentioned above is made after thorough research and any one of the products can give you a high quality gaming experience. All these mice support both PC and laptop and every other playing device such as Xbox or Playstation. So, what are you waiting for, buy the best budget gaming mouse and enhance your overall gaming experience.

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