Electric Shavers

Best Electric Shavers

Best Electric Shavers

As we all know, hair and beard are like jewelries to a man. Styling hair and beard can change the look of  a person. So taking care of both is not a luxury but a necessity. Earlier people used to say that you can only get a perfect shave once you visit a barber.

This was true before the invention of trimmers and electric shavers. Nowadays you can use an electric razor to get a perfectly shaved beard without putting in a lot of effort.

With the help of an electric razor you can do so many things at once. There are several products available in both offline and online markets in this category.

But to make it easy for you to find the best electric shaver we have made a list of best electric shavers that you can purchase in the year 2022. 

Norelco Shaver 2300 Rechargeable Electric Shaver


The black colour body of the electric shaver is made up of stainless steel. Once the battery gets drained, you can charge it easily as the power source is corded electric. Like any other person around the world, if you are from Brazil you can easily count on this electric shaver as it is recommended as the best electric shaver for Brazilian men by experts. 

Special Features

Comfortable Movement of Blades: Blades of this electric shaver will not cause any kind of discomfort on your skin. A total of 27 blades are present in this electric shaver and the blades are covered by a rounded blade cap. The blades will glide on the skin of your face and facial hair will be cut just above the level of your skin. 

Flexible Head: The head of the trimmer will move in four directions effortlessly so that you will get convenient shaving every single time. Head of the trimmer will adjust automatically according to the curves of your face. Other than that due to this flexi head you also need not to apply much pressure while shaving. 

Easy Opening: With one single touch you will be able to open the shaver for cleaning purposes. The upper part of the shaver will be opened and you can clean the facial hairs that get in while shaving with ease. All you need to do is simple rinsing. 

Long Time Cordless Shaving: Unlike other electric shavers in the cordless mode this product from Norelco will offer you a total of 40 minutes of shaving time. Approximately you can shave up to 13 times after a single charge (8 hours). Other than that anytime in case of a power loss you can just plug in to complete your shave. 

Trimmer That Pops Up: Inside the electric shaver a built-in trimmer is present. By using this you can add the finishing touch after the shaving. The trimmer will pop out from one side of the electric shaver so that you can trim the moustache and even the sideburns. 


  1. This shaver can be used in both corded and cordless mode. In case of  a completely drained battery simply plug it in to shave.
  2. Your skin will not get cut while shaving due to the presence of a rounded blade cap. 
  3. You will get an edgy finish after using the in-built trimmer.
  4. All the blades of this electric shaver will move in up, down and both the sides because of the highly flexible head.
  5. You can clean the trimmer under running water without the fear of damaging the product. 


  1. If you are chubby then you need to apply a little bit more pressure to cut the facial hairs. 
  2. The model has NiMH battery instead of a lithium ion battery which is seen in other models of this series. 

Philips Norelco Shaver 3500


This electric shaver from Philips is made by using stainless steel material and is storm gray in colour. A pop up trimmer is also in-built with this electric shaver to trim the moustache and the sideburns after shaving in order to achieve the final look. As this shaver causes zero irritation and guarantees smoothness it is the ideal electric shaver for every single age group. That is why it is considered by many as the best electric shaver 2022. 

Special Features

  • FLexible 5D Heads: With the help of 5 directional pivotal movements that this electric shaver offers you can get a clean shave every single time. The flexible head of the trimmer will reach every portion of your face at the most accurate angle. You can also adjust the curves near the sensitive areas of your neck. 
  • Blades That Glides Smoothly: The blades present in the trimmer will glide smoothly over your skin without causing any kind of discomfort. A total of 27 highly sharp blades are present which will cut the facial hair of yours from just above the level of your skin.
  • Easy Cleaning: After several uses if you feel that there is a need to clean this trimmer well you can do that too. Just press one button and the shaver will be opened. Then just rinse the water under running water to remove the dirt and hairs that go inside.
  • Comfortable Gripping: The portion from which you hold your electric shaver is made by using ergonomic anti-slip rubber. Even with wet hands you will also be able to get a comfortable grip that guarantees precision. 
  • Powerful Battery: The Lithium ion battery is extremely powerful and takes only 1 hour to get fully charged. If you run out of power just charge it for 5 minutes which is enough to get one shave. 


  1. In case you don’t want to use water while shaving, you can opt for a dry shave with this shaver and in case you are looking to use gel or foam you can also do that even in the shower.
  2. You can shave in the cordless mode for up to 1 hour. In that time period you can get approximately 20 shaves. 
  3. A rounded blade cap is present over the blades to protect your skin from any kind of direct contact with your skin. 
  4. The product comes in a convenient travel pouch which makes it easy to carry while travelling from one place from another. 
  5. A 3 level battery indicator is present on the outer side of the electric shaver. So, whenever you see a low battery indicator, put it on the charge. 


  1. You can only shave in the cordless mode which may cause problems in emergency situations. 
  2. The electric shaver makes a little too much noise while in use. 

Braun Electric Razor for Men 


This electric shaver from Braun comes with a precision trimmer and triple action facial hair cutting system which is engineered in Germany. Not even a single docking station is present. The body of this shaver is made by using stainless steel and it looks amazing due to the black and blue colour on the surface. Due to the making material it only weighs 0.36 kg. 

Special Features

Presence of Advanced Technology: To offer the user a close and comfortable shave a total of 3 fully specialised shaving elements works together. The Senofoil protection which is patented by Braun the makers protects your skin from direct contact with the extremely sharp blades.

Highly Precise Shaving: Once you finish shaving your beard if you are looking to just shape the moustache or the sideburns of yours, you can easily use the trimmer present on the back side of the device to get the precise look that you want.

Premium Quality Battery: in-built NiMH battery is highly powerful and offers a total of approximately 100 minutes of cordless shaving to the user. If you are planning for a cordless shave for once but the battery is in a completely drained out state, all you need to do is charge the electric shaver for 5 minutes only. 

High End Designing: The thin design of the head of the trimmer makes the shaving highly precised. You will be able to shave even the most difficult areas like under the nose and sensitive areas such as near the throat. 

Completely Protected from Water: If you are buying an electric shaver from Braun one thing that is guaranteed is that you will get no matter how much water you pour on the shaver for cleaning purposes, any part of it will not get damaged.  You can clean the shaver of yours after every single shave to maintain hygiene without the fear of the product gettin damaged.  

  1. The LED display present on the outer side of the trimmer indicates the amount of charge that remains in the electric shaver. 
  2. Due to the presence of micro comb technology with one single stroke you will be able to catch more and more hairs so you will be able to get a fast and comfortable shaving experience. 
  3. The blades of this electric shaver will react automatically to protect your skin from any kind of damage. 
  4. You can choose to shave dry or wet. With water you can also use foam or shaving cream to get a smoother skin. 
  5. The product comes with 2 rechargeable NiMH batteries which ensures its longevity. 
  1. The foiling of the head of the trimmer will get worn out after a year of use. 
  2. While shaving the sensitive areas of your face you might face difficulties. 

Panasonic Electric Razor for Men 


Blades of this electric shaver from Panasonic is made by using stainless steel that ensures highly precise cutting of facial hair. The product weighs only 0.5 pounds and the body of the shaver is black in colour. With the premium quality intelligent shaving technology this is considered as the best electric shaver for men. Cleaning and charging this electric shaver will never be an issue and all other things related to facial hair shaving will become easy with this in your possession. 

Special Features

Flexible Trimmer Head: The head of the trimmer will move in 16 different directions according to how you will move the electric shaver. Shaver head will always remain close to your skin and you will experience a cushioning comfort in the face, neck, chin and all along your jawline when the shaver will move on your skin. 

Shaving Sensor: You will get a smooth and even shave every single time. The intelligent shave sensor present in the shaver will check the beard density of you and will move up to 220 times per second and power can be adjusted up to 14 times per second while shaving. 

Extremely Precise Shaving: A combination of 5 blades are present in this electric shaver from Panasonic and the cutting that it offers has proven to be useful for all types of beards. You can choose to have a dry shave or you can also apply foam on a wet face before shaving. 

High Performance Motor: This electric shaver has a 14000 CPM motor which offers 70000 cross cuts every single minute so that you can shave efficiently. The high performance motor ensures that you do not need to spend too much time shaving so that you can concentrate on styling the beard. Performance of this motor is integrated by the integrated 5 blade system. 

Waterproof Body: The body of the Panasonic electric shaver is completely waterproof. You can wash it in case it gets dirty without the fear that the product will get damaged. But before putting it in charge make sure that there is no water present. 


  1. The charging station of the electric shaver will keep the battery charged. 
  2. The charging station will also work as the cleaning station which will keep the razor blades of yours free from any kind of facial hair. 
  3. Due to the presence of replacement blades and foil sets you will get a clean and close shave every single time.
  4. The pop up trimmer present on the side of the electric shaver ensures that you get every minute details correctly at ease. With the help of these styling your sideburns and the moustache becomes easy.
  5. This electric shaver from Panasonic works according to your beard length and style as the stainless steel blades are present in an acute 30 degree angle. 


  1. Absence of plug in mode as you can only use it in cordless mode. If the device runs out of power and you are short of time it can cause a lot of problems. 
  2. In case you need any kind of help, the customer service is not that great. 


Philips Norelco Oneblade Hybrid Electric Trimmer and Shaver 


This electric shaver comes with revolutionary technology. No matter what type of facial hair style you want you will be able to achieve that with the OneBlade. It weighs only 0.71 pounds and the full body of the trimmer is made by using stainless steel. OneBlade from Philips is available in three different colours – Black, Green and Silver. The product from Philips suits every skin type and in case you are one of those people having sensitive skin then you should buy this as this is the best electric shaver for sensitive skin. 

Special Features

Comfortable Trimming and Shaving: This Philips Oneblade will follow every single contours of your face which will prove to be effective in case you are looking for a comfortable shaving all across your face.

Battery Longevity: The NiMH battery which is present inside of the trimmer is rechargeable. After a full charge which takes about 8 hours you can use the product for a total of 45 minutes. 

Long Lasting Blades: Oneblade is highly durable. A single blade will last up to 4 months. It has been considered that a person will use the trimmer for 2 full shaves per week. The actual results may vary. 

Easy Cleaning: The electric shaver is completely resistant from water that is why you can clean the OneBlade of yours after every single shave. It presents you with a choice, You can choose to shave without using any kind of foam or water or if you want you can use foam and can shave even while you are in a shower.

Replaceable Blades: 


  1. The first moving cutter present in this will move up to 200 times per second to cut the facial hairs of yours just from the edge of your skin. 
  2. Close shaving that you will get with OneBlade will cause absolutely no irritation whatsoever.
  3. The dual protection system of the OneBlade will ensure that you get a comfortable shave irrespective of your hair length. 
  4. You can easily replace the Oneblade without any hassle.
  5. Dual sided blade makes it easy to even the edges and now you can style effortlessly. 


  1. In case of any kind of damage the replacement parts cost is high. 
  2. Shaving takes a little more time than usual electric shavers in this price range but the quality of the shave will not be compromised. 

Final Words

Hope this article has helped you to find out which is the best shaving machine for men. Now shave like a pro and achieve your desired look without hassling too much. So choose wisely and according to your budget. Happy shopping.

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