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Best 3D Pen

3D printing technology is evolving with the passing time. The regular development in this field has made life easy for many people all across the world. You can now build what you are imagining without wasting any time with the help of 3D printing. Earlier one had to depend completely on the 3d printer but now you can finish your project faster with the help of a 3D pen. A 3d pen uses melted plastic instead of ink and you can create any shape you want. In this article we are going to discuss some of the top quality 3D pens so that you can find which one is the best 3D pen for you. 

3Doodler Create + 3D Printing Pen 


You will get filaments for free with the 3D pen that can be used to refill once the ink will run out. Along with this 3D pen from 3Doodler in the package you will also get a stencil book and a guide that you can read to know how to use it if you are a first time user. That is what makes this pen the best 3D pen 2022. The pen is available in five different colours and they are – charcoal black, fire and ice, ocean blue, simply white and finally cherry red.  

Special Features 

Easy to Use: Within a moment you will be able to create a 3D structure from a 1 dimensional image. Just draw the structure and then draw the pen in upwards direction and hold for a moment. Finally fill the edges to complete your 3D design. 

High Quality Plastic: You will get a total of 15 different colour refills. The plastic that will be generated by the 3D pen is completely safe for children, so you can give it to your child without any fear. Specifications of the plastic are mentioned below- 

  • 3mm PLA
  • ABS and Flexy plastic only. 

Variety of Templates: Create endlessly with this 3D pen in the 3doodler booklet that you will get with the pen. In the booklet a lot of project templates are present to help you to get more creative.

Comes with Dual Drive: You can control the device more efficiently due to the presence of dual drive. Now with this 3D pen you can try new doodling techniques. Other than that the dual drive also ensures that the pen provides compatibility with various types of plastic. 

Impressive Interactive Experience: With the 3Doodler application that you can download on your phone the creating experience of yours will definitely get elevated to the next level. In the application you can get step by step directions and can easily follow the stencil section. 


  1. You as a user will be able to hold the pen with a firm grip and that will make it easy for you to draw with it.
  2. Approximately 25000 people have used this 3D pen and there are several positive reviews about the pen in the official website of the manufacturer of this pen.
  3. The required voltage is only 100-240 volt. 
  4. While creating 3D designs no extra heat will be generated because of the optimised temperature control. 
  5. In the 3Doodler application you will get badges for completion of a project. Other than that you can also share the projects of yours directly on social media. 


  1. While changing the nozzle of the pen the nozzle will take slightly more time than usual to cool off. 
  2. The customer service is not that helpful. 


MYNT3D Professional Printing 3D Pen 


Want to create some neat and clean 3d designs with a 3D pen this Mynt 3D pen is the one for you as it comes with all the advanced features. In the package along with the 3D pen you will also get filaments and original replacement parts in case any part of the pen gets damaged while creating designs and this is often considered as the best 3D pen for adults. There is no need to use batteries to use the 3D pen. With a weight of only 343 gms and a dimension of 7.99 x 5.2 x 2.6 (all measurements are taken in inches) you will be able to create freely. 

Special Features 

Adjustable Temperature: Under the sunlight you can use this 3D pen which comes with a 1.75 mm filament. The choice of thermoplastic will be completely yours, whether it is ABS or PLA the quality of the design will not be compromised. 

Easy Speed Control: You as an user will be happy to know that more than one speed is offered by the pen. In case you want to fill a larger area then it is better to choose fast extrusion speed and you can slow down the speed anytime you want if you are working on an intricate area of your 3D project. 

Sleek Design: Ergonomic designing of the pen makes sure that you can control the pen with ease. You can move the pen in any direction without any kind of difficulties. 

Replaceable End: The nozzle of your 3D pen will never get too much heat so your project will not get damaged. Modular nozzle of the pen can be replaced within minutes.

Easy Charging: The quality of the USB port helps in the easy charging process. At least 2 A output is required to charge the pen. You can charge the pen anywhere you want with the help of a power bank. 


  1. The plastic usually melts in between 140 to 230 degree celsius. To be specific ABS plastic melts at a temperature of 210 degree celsius and in case of PLA plastic the melting temperature is 175 degree celsius. 
  2. Stepless design of the 3D pen ensures that the optimal speed is maintained throughout the creation process.
  3. The OLED display will display the temperature and speed so that you have full control over the3D pen.
  4. As we have discussed earlier, the pen has an ergonomic design and it makes sure that you can move the pen without losing control because of a firm grip.
  5. Feed of the pen is fully adjustable.


  1. The 3D pen gets heated quickly and can burn your hand while using it if you do not notice the temperature on the OLED display screen.
  2. Not compatible with all models of 3D printers. 

SCRIB3D Advanced 3D Printing Pen 


Are you looking for a cheap 3D pen then this 3D pen from Scribd is just made for you. If you stop using the pen for 5 minutes, the automatic sleep timer will get activated due to this inactivity. 3 different colours of ABS or PLA plastic are compatible with this 3D pen. Buttons are present on the outer surface of the pen and by using the buttons you can control the temperature and speed. So, give this advanced 3D pen to your loved ones to help them create accurate models.

Special Features 

Comfortable to Use: Sleek designing of the product will help the user to move the pen in your desired direction. You will be able to create more freely with this 3d pen as there will be no issue with the grip. 

Can be Used Readily: Inside the package you will get a power adapter, free stencil guide and a manual in which you can get step by step direction about how to use the 3D pen. So, after receiving it, all you need to do is plug in and wait until it gets heated to have unlimited fun.

User Friendly: No matter whether you are a beginner or using 3D pens for a prolonged period of time this product is safe to use. Other than that it is completely safe to use due to the presence of all the safety features and anti clogging features.

One Button functioning: In case the filament reaches the nozzle of the 3D pen then click on the forward button present on the side of the pen which will stop the pen from functioning. Again pressing the forward button will make the pen functionable. After finishing your 3D model just press the reverse button in order to retract the filament. 

Adjustable Speed: A total of 8 different speed options are present in this 3D pen for you to choose from. With the controlled flow of plastic coming out of the pen optimal control is fully ensured.


  1. While creating a doodle because of the soft surface of the 3D pen creating will be more fun.
  2. A total of 8 different speed options are present in this 3D pen. So, you can regulate the speed at any time of creating your own design. 
  3. This product comes with a 1 year warranty and in case of any damage you will get full support from the customer care. 
  4. The 3D pen takes only 2 to 3 minutes to warm up before you can use it. 
  5. Temperature indicator LED lights are present on the LCD screen and buttons are also present on the screen for both controlling the temperature and loading of the 3D pen.


  1. The adapter present in this pen is too thin so you might find it difficult to replace it.
  2. Required power output of this pen is +5 V which is slightly higher compared to the 100 V to 240 V input.

Final Words

3d pens are not expensive at all and both adults and children can use them without facing any kind of difficulties. Both advantages and disadvantages of all the products have already been mentioned in this article so that you can decide which one is the best 3D printing pen for you. Each and every product mentioned in the article are available in both online and offline markets. Buy a 3D pen  today in order to ignite the fire of your imagination.  

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